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We transform the way small, medium and large enterprises conduct business with their customers, vendors, and employees in this digital age. Our Digital Transformation solutions and services help your team build and deploy cloud products faster, collaborate more effectively and strengthen customer relationships, thereby increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.


  • Heightened risks from legacy infrastructure
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Escalating IT costs
  • Inability to compete in a technology driven landscape

Partner with us to overcome your IT challenges.

Our Offerings


BI & Analytics

Businesses small, medium and big, are implementing BI to glean meaningful insights from the wealth of data available within their business processes and control business outcomes. Trigent Business Intelligence Services help organizations collate relevant disparate data into data warehouses and build dashboards for visualization to allow users to analyze and derive useful insights.

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Mobile technologies have become a transformative force, changing the rules of engagement for enterprises that wish to stay connected with stakeholders.

We, at Trigent, have crafted and implemented comprehensive mobility solutions for large enterprises and SMBs. We can extend this capability to design, develop, and provide mobility solutions to empower you with seamless ecosystems which transcend distances, devices and distribution models.

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Trigent provides a full range of well-structured services to help our clients plan, develop and deploy SharePoint based solutions. Trigent has years of experience delivering successful SharePoint solutions - starting from WSS 2.0 to current Office 365. Trigent specializes in building complete solutions such as intranet, extranet portals, document management and workflow systems. Trigent can also provide specialist skills and jointly work to augment your development/implementation team. We work with clients at various stages of their SharePoint initiatives: assessment and planning, enterprise level deployment, upgrades from previous versions and maintenance.

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Our approach to transforming user experiences has helped SMBs and Fortune 100 companies build better products and applications, strengthen engagement with customers, increase user adoption, boost productivity and increase revenue footprint with customers.

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Voice Interface Technology

Think about your next business meeting. Instead of opening your laptop, what if you could talk to a digital assistant to collect all the recent reports? What if you could connect with other team members, regardless of their location? Voice User Interface (VUI), is a game-changer in the digital transformation journey.

Leverage our capabilities in building custom skills (custom interaction models - using intents, utterances, and slots) with Amazon's Alexa. We design the voice interaction, define the VUI, implement the logic for the skill, and develop the back-end cloud service to process the users' intent.

"Alexa, where's the school bus?"

For a client in the fleet management industry, we designed and built Alexa skills, that helps parents to track their children's school buses. Once enrolled in the client's mobile app, parents can use Alexa enabled devices to add their children, track and identify the school buses.

Voice Interface is the future of your business. Build your Alexa skill and reimagine your customer experience with us.

Talk to our experts to custom build solutions that meet your business requirements.


  • Connecting the ecosystem which comprises the market place, offerings, internal processes and customer experiences in a dynamic world for business benefits.
  • Reinventing experiences across multiple touchpoints including employees, customers, partners and ecosystem players.
  • Protecting privacy and data through mechanisms that detect threat and risks and the resilience to overcome them.
  • Harnessing the power of data in real-time for critical business insights and ongoing competitive advantage.
  • Automating processes to free up workforce to focus on strategic business needs.
  • Make technology the backbone for the business instead of segregating it into information, operational and product technology for long term transformation.
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