Transportation & logistics

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Explore how telematics works and how IoT can provide data and visibility

70% Improved operational efficiency

60% Reduction in TCO

65% Improving asset utilization

Fueling the future of transportation and logistics industry

With “Digital-first” as a prerequisite for success, hyper-connectedness is transforming the transportation and logistics industry. Industrial customers expect to get shipments faster, more flexible, and with more transparency at a lower price. Whether you are moving raw materials, sub-assemblies, or finished goods, you need a technology partner that can help you optimize unit cost, order frequency, and inventory turns.

At Trigent, we understand and deliver data-and technology-led transformation in all areas of operations for transportation and logistics business. Our customers include leading software providers, fleet operators & freight forwarders, and third-party logistics providers. By digitizing operations and embedding analytics in every process, our experts help build tailored solutions that accelerate business growth, streamline operations, reduce risks, create new levels of customer value, and more.


  • Supply chain visibility
  • Increasing regulations
  • Control over inbound & outbound freight visibility
  • Monitoring operations & measuring performance


Strategy and consulting
  • Business and Market Analysis
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Supply Chain Strategy
Supply chain management
  • Business Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Services
Integration, migration, and maintenance for
  • Transportation Management Systems
  • Fleet/Asset Management Systems
Logistics scheduling and routing
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • Route Execution
Logistics analytics
  • Outbound logistics cost optimization
  • On-time delivery performance management
  • Vehicle telematics analytics

3PL gains a 360 degree view of business and capitalizes on opportunities.

At Trigent, we enable "logistics–as-a-service" business models. Our services facilitate flexible integration with other key business processes to optimize all operations.

Transportation and logistics ISVs

Transportation and Logistics software providers need to offer new features and capabilities faster to be competitive, win more customers and retain their business. Applications needs to include functions like batch shipment orders, manage inbound and outbound logistics, real time transportation tracking, vehicle load and route optimization. Whether your needs include improving the basic flow of your dispatch operations, freight billing, driver settlements, rating, or EDI, we can help.