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Fundamental change in capabilities and features of EdTech Solutions

The learning and development sector is undergoing a seismic change. Schools, colleges, skills training, corporate development programs and vocational courses are rapidly working to adapt to the new expectations. Traditional approaches to pedagogy, instructional design, program delivery and capability assessment are being challenged. Innovations in digital and communication technologies are a catalyst in facilitating the change. The revolution goes beyond the classroom and extends to Administrative, Operations and Community activities.

Consequently, conventional features and capabilities of EdTech solutions for LMS, LCMS, SIS and Communities are inadequate to meet the new requirements. For example, LCMS platforms traditionally contain a curated catalog of multimedia content, organized by subject and structured to fit with the curriculum.

In the new paradigm, support for exponential growth in User Generated Content, material created by students and faculty will be needed. Access controls, sharing of content, detecting plagiarism and copyright management requirements will be extremely complex.

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